About US

Who we are: 

Spencer and Olivia are a couple young adults who love thrifting and want to share their finds with the world. Their goal in creating vintage threads is to provide a space where others can find creative and interesting clothing pieces by sharing their talents finding and flipping second-hand clothes. We hope that you enjoy our store and find pieces to express yourself through your style! 

How things work: 

All pieces on our website are second-hand and either donated to us or thrifted by us. All are for sale as-is, or with alterations. If you have an idea for flipping a piece, we want to work with you to make it a reality. Any piece can be altered (embroidered, downsized, or combined with another clothing item), and all alterations are priced by the amount of time they take. Time estimates will be given and prices negotiated before the process starts. Ultimately, we just want to provide and create pieces that you will love and wear well. 

Do you live in Muncie, IN? We have a different option for customers living locally! If you are comfortable picking up the product from us, or having it dropped off at your home, you can pay for your item through our Venmo, and skip the shipping fees. You can contact us via Instagram requesting to buy an item and we’ll coordinate with you to discuss what fees need to be paid and which can be skipped, so that you can pay for your product directly through the Venmo. 

Our Venmo account can be found through the “contact us” page or @765vintagethreads on Venmo  

DM us with any questions or alteration requests/ideas, we’d love to hear them! 

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